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Arc teeth whitening pen is one of the best teeth whitening pens. These pens are specially formulated to remove stains with the help of precision applicators. In addition, arc teeth pens are compact and easy to use. Arc teeth whitening pen contains the same standard of whitening ingredients used by dentists and professionals.

This teeth whitening pen gives the user the luxury of dentist-style whitening at an affordable price. Nowadays, people have fewer time slots to buy an appointment for whitening their teeth due to busy routines.

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Arc Teeth Whitening Pen Review

This article is based on a detailed review of arc teeth whitening pens. By reading through this article, you will know whether arc pen is good to use or not? Moreover, the positive aspects of this pen and the downside are also elaborated.

How often you should arc pen?

The product is perfect to use at home and it takes almost 7 days to get satisfactory results, by using the product twice a day.

What is the price of arc whitening pen on amazon?

The price of an arc teeth whitening pen sells for $19 on amazon. However, the prices vary with different other ARC teeth whitening products.

Do you rinse arc teeth whitening pen?

We should not rinse our teeth after the application of an arc whitening pen. The gel dries after some time and that is all. Results become evident after a couple of applications.

How long does it take to see results with an arc pen?

A minimum period of a week is needed to see the change in your teeth, but a time of 14 days is required for long-lasting results.

Why the arc precision applicator teeth whitening reviews are good?

The good reviews are all about the optimum results different users have described after the usage. The gel can be uniformly applied with a precision applicator and also the great results can be seen after less time.

How does arc teeth whitening pen work?

The arc teeth whitening pen contains a gel in which the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. When we apply the gel to our teeth, the whitening action starts within a few minutes of the application.

The pen truly protects the teeth’ enamel and gives our teeth a bright shine free from stains.

Is arc teeth whitening pen good for our teeth?

The ARC teeth whitening pen manufacturers have done extensive research in the field of tooth whitening product manufacturing.

Moreover, the company has detailed clinical data indicating that the product is safe for our teeth and does not remove or damage the tooth enamel.

How often should you use arc whitening pen?

It works if you do one click (align up the arrows) at the top and one click at the bottom twice a day for an hour.

To maintain the health of my enamel, I usually wait three months between whitening my teeth.

Highly recommended for sensitive gums and anyone looking for a non-strip or professional option.

Is arc teeth whitening pen safe?

Yes, using the arc teeth whitening pen is completely safe as they do not contain harmful ingredients. Moreover, these pens are equally suitable for sensitive teeth as well.

Does the arc teeth whiten pen work satisfactorily?

Emily Burns, the arc teeth whitening pen‘s user, used it for a week and shared the incredible results. Below is the teeth whitening pen review shared by Arc teeth whitening pen user.

It was the winter season, and she used to take a lot of drinks, wines, and cocoa. The excessive use of coffee in the office made her refresh their teeth, so she wanted to retain the original shiny white look.

Emily further said that she had done several whitening treatments in the past by using the whitening strips and the treatment with professional dentists. She was quite satisfied with the results, but the botheration and the costly treatment annoyed her greatly.

Then after many trials with the dentist, she decided to use the teeth whitening pen by Arc. After a month of use, she saw promising results.

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Does the arc whitening pen work for teeth with dental issues?

Besides the teeth whitening issue, the user Emily has many dental issues history. Previously, she had braces installed over her teeth and received many dental treatments like the gap-filling and professionally whitening of the teeth.

She filled her teeth to make them align so that when she brushed them, she got a feeling of smoothness.

After the dental treatment, she makes a habit of regular oral cleaning and mouth washing. Further to enhance the cleaning process, she decided to add a good whitening pen to her list of teeth cleaning items.

But she was wondering how does arc teeth whitening pen work.

She was anxious to use the whitening pen to remove the discoloration spots produced on her teeth due to the use of braces.

However, the arc pen worked for her.

What are the Arc teeth whitening pen reviews about its product?

The Arc teeth whitening pen comes in 4mL quantity with just a $19 price tag. The product’s manufacturers claim to use standard clinical ingredients so that you can achieve 100% teeth whitening.

She relaxed by looking at Arc’s whitening pen list of ingredients.

Hydrogen peroxide is the main constituent known for its ability to whiten teeth. Moreover, the arc whitening brand also produces some finest kinds of toothpaste and whitening strips.

These additional products are very helpful in maintaining a complete whitening kit at home.

The product has to be used continuously for 14 days. This regular usage will give the best results.

How to useArc teeth whitening pen?

The product user, Emily burns, describes the product’s application method. She applied the product both morning and evening after regular cleaning and brushing from other tooth cleaning products.

The gel that comes out from the tip of the arc teeth whitening pen is in clear form and easily sticks to the surface of the teeth. Moreover, the product is very quick in drying like most other teeth whitening pens.

However, it is recommended by the product manufacturers to give a time of almost 1 minute so that the product completely dries and settles down on the teeth.

Emily told further that she tried to make the product dry faster because she wanted to smile in public and look for quick results.

The ease of use is the major plus point of the arc whitening pen; although Emily only used this product twice daily, she said that she could further extend the use of this whitening pen to any time of the day.

The whitening strips take a lot of time, but the whitening pens are usually less time-consuming, and their results are extraordinary.

By using the teeth whitening pen, the waiting time is almost zero. Just apply the product to the teeth, and after a few seconds, we are ready to do our other tasks.

Arc teeth whitening pen reviews

Apart from a shorter drying time, this product is very convenient and easy to use. It is very simple to apply the gel to the teeth.

We have to twist the pen and gel, which you can easily apply to the teeth.

As told by the user, we have to use the product just twice daily at designated times, and that’s all.

For ease of users, there are two marked lines on the tube, so we have to twist these lines each time.

With the help of the applicator brush, you can evenly apply the product to every nook and corner of the teeth missing in case of whitening strips. This action will enable us to get the recommended amount of gel.

The bristles are provided at the tip of the pen. These bristles help us in coating the gel uniformly on our teeth.

Is arc teeth whitening pen safe?

As a famous saying is, “there is no rose without a thorn. “But this product is free from any significant side effects.

The user has mentioned many downsides of the other products like teeth whitening strips. For Instance, by excessive teeth whitening strips, she got pain in her bottom teeth.

The use of teeth whitening strips also makes her teeth sensitive to hot and cold, and she mostly gets a throbbing sensation.

But the arc teeth whitening pen never showed any signs of discomfort to her.

She was completely satisfied by the use of this product the whole time. The product’s gel is similar to the taste of toothpaste.

Why the arc teeth whitening pen results are surprising?

During the first few days of usage, the product made no significant change to the coloration of the teeth. Emily was deeply shocked with zero impact of the product on the color of her teeth.

During the use, she barely noticed the gradual change coming to her teeth, but at the end of two weeks, she jumped upon noticing that her teeth had become stainless and produced a shiny white glare.

The company recommends an Arc teeth whitening pen for sensitive teeth as well.

She further stated that her top teeth are now shining like diamonds and pearls. Finally, she said the product could be used without any trouble or side effects.

The product is very easy to use and result-oriented. Therefore some major changes can be achieved by consistent application of this product.

Top 3 Picks Teeth Whitening pen

What are the noticeable features?

We have a useful review of what this teeth whitening pen can do. It is time to share some highlights of the products with our valuable readers.

  • It can deliver noticeable cleaning and whitening results in just a week.
  • A precision applicator is included, which helps in the uniform coating of the gel.
  • The product contains good, reliable ingredients, mostly used by professional dental clinics.
  • The pen goes for $19, which is very affordable.
  • The user of this product can remove stains on teeth of all types in an easy way.
  • The top ingredients are Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide, Carbomer, and sodium Pyrophosphate. Some good flavors are Sucralose, and Sodium Hydroxide are added.

What are some precautions?

  • Though the product is safe to consume by adults, it is not meant for children under 18.
  • During this gel-based product, we should avoid any eye contact. We must rinse our eyes with fresh water if any accidental contact occurs.
  • It is also advised that the gel should not touch our skin. Contact with the skin may result in skin irritation, or unnecessary whitening spots can occur at the place of contact.
  • After using the product, we wash our hands with soap and water.
  • Be ready to feel any discomfort or tooth sensitivity, as most products can do the same.
  • It is very good that the arc teeth whitening pen has not any persistent harmful results. Any signs of discomfort that may appear are completely harmless and temporary.
  • In addition, to avoid any unwanted reaction, we must not make any contact between clothes, fabrics, leather, and the product’s gel.


The arc teeth whitening pen is safe to be used by adults, and it gives unexpected results in just a week of use.

The product has overwhelming benefits.

Using this gel, we can save our preciously earned money and time visiting the dental clinics.

The arc teeth whitening pen is composed of top ingredients that are also the constituent of many dental treatments.

This discussion reveals that arc teeth whitening is a professional standardized product with an affordable price and no prominent side effects.

Arc Teeth Whitening Pen Review - [Does it work 100%] (2024)
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