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In this article we will go over the cost of building a 30×40 garage (steel, wood, prefab kit etc) along with several other related details like types of 30×40 garages, attached vs detached options etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30x40 Garage? (Steel, Wood, Prefab) - Epic Home Ideas (1)

According to construction experts and real estate professionals, there are at least 8 reasons to build anew or replace an existing garage. If you’re launching this project, you probably have more reasons to add to this list:

  1. Your current garage may be unsafe, thus a replacement lowers chances of injuries and accidents.
  1. The garage isn’t expansive enough to meet your needs, especially when the size of a family grows.
  1. A good garage increases the value of any home, no matter which material option you choose.
  1. You can add storage, a workout space or make other practical use of all or part of the space not being used for cars.
  1. Garages protect cars when downpours, hail and snow fall and can serve as second entertainment venues when extreme weather arrives.
  1. Attached garages can help insulate your home due to the structure’s proximity.
  1. A garage can add curb appeal to a home in addition to being a practical addition.
  1. You can build/design to your own specifications by choosing from many options: DIY kits, software design apps or by contracting with a builder to do the job.

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Types of 30×40 Garage

Because all construction projects these days give builders multiple options, you should not be surprised to discover that the best way to begin your project is to identify the type of structure that best suits your budget, home’s design and needs. Here are the 4 most common 30 x 40 foot garage options:

Traditional type with straight walls.

Also called a “standard” garage, traditional garages are easy to identify because they serve no purpose other than to house one or more automobiles.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30x40 Garage? (Steel, Wood, Prefab) - Epic Home Ideas (2)

These structures have no additional features thus they are bare bones – and they’re the simplest to construct, no matter how many cars you have.

Further, if your vehicles are SUVs, look for plans or kits that expand on the garages height and width.

Quonset type garage

These are the easiest to identify due to their unique shapes and histories based on Quonset huts used to house GIs, operations and storage facilities on military installations.

Because they are fabricated of steel, these structures are easy to customize and can be custom-built to include features like vents and skylights.

Durable, affordable and highly protective, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Since steel is available in myriad colors these days, you don’t have to settle for the standard grey for which military huts are known.

Steel garages

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30x40 Garage? (Steel, Wood, Prefab) - Epic Home Ideas (3)

These are most likely to be “straight wall” buildings offering maximum interior space and offering multiple exterior design and color options.

Like Quonset huts these straight wall garages are super strong and durable, won’t harbor termites, they’re fire resistant, easy to maintain and if you opt for recycled steel, your finished garage will be a model of earth friendliness, too.

The number of steel prefab kits on today’s market offer you a vast number of options.

Wooden garages

Wood is most often chosen for aesthetic reasons and if you’re a trend watcher, you probably know that timber garages are back in style, reflecting the past when all garages were built only of wood.

In addition to being a sturdy, durable material wood can insulate an enclosure and many prefabs, built-from-scratch and kits are considered environmentally friendly because wood is a sustainable resource.

Downsides associated with this type of garage are the potential for termites, mold, mildew and even treated lumber can be flammable so you could wind up paying more for homeowner’s insurance if you choose this style when you build.

Attached vs detached? That is the question

While there are kits available for 30- x 40-square foot detached and attached garages, your home’s layout, property limits and zoning restrictions could force you to choose only one configuration, so it’s good to know the pros and cons of both types of garages in the event you are given a choice.

Attached garages

  • -Become a part of the residence due to shared wall(s)
  • -Could increase your tax bill as a result
  • -Are especially convenient in regions prone to bad weather
  • -Usually cost less to build
  • -Can take advantage of existing electrical systems
  • -Usually meet homeowner’s association standards
  • -Can positively impact home appreciation
  • -May not be practical if the lot is narrow
  • -Could be a security risk as a point of entry
  • -If fire breaks out, the home is more vulnerable
  • -You can’t expand attached garages
  • -The wrong style could ruin your home’s curb appeal
  • -Could be required to meet complex building permit standards.

Detached garages

  • -Give you location latitude to position it anywhere on the lot
  • -Won’t require you to meet the same design standards as attached garages
  • -You can expand the garage size down the road
  • -These garages are more secure because they’re not attached
  • -Usually give homeowners more interior space than do attached garages
  • -Can more easily double as workshops for mechanical projects
  • -Access isn’t as easy in bad weather
  • -You may have to run new utilities to the structure
  • -Yard space is lost, though that leaves less grass to mow!
  • -Homeowners associations often prohibit these structures.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30-x-40 Foot Garage?

Pricing for DIY metal garage kits?

There is no easy answer to this question because 30 x 40-foot metal garages can vary depending upon whether you want a vertical or horizontal roof, garage doors and any number of extras that customize the finished look of the garage.

If you want a ballpark, you can expect to spend a $13,900 on the basic kit, door and shipping costs. Pre-fab kits offer myriad advantages including color choices and the inclusion of blueprints.

A garage design software tool can be handy in this situation if you are a DIY person.

What does it cost to build a wooden garage?

Once again, your 30- x 40-foot garage cost is going to be impacted by your area of the country, availability of raw materials and whether or not you do the work yourself.

That stated, here are estimates you can work with to figure out the cost if you purchase a kit: You’ll spend an average of $18,600 for the kit, $1,600 for a door and $800 on shipping costs, total of $21,000.

Other price considerations

Among the factors that could contribute to the final cost of your garage are the following:

  • -Union labor tends to be more expensive which is why labor costs usually range between $4 and $8 per square foot.
  • -You may have to pour a concrete pad if none exists at between $4 and $8 per square foot.
  • -If you don’t use a kit, framing costs will run between $1 and $5 per square foot.
  • -To drywall the interior, you’ll spend between $8 and $12 per 40 x 8-foot panel.
  • -Garage window(s) can add between $100 and $1300 to the project cost.
  • -Plan to spend between .50 and $2 per square foot to insulate. The costliest insulation product on this market is currently spray foam.

How many cars can fit in 30×40 garage?

Your 1200-square foot garage has the potential to hold 3 or 4 cars, depending upon the size of the vehicles and how much of the interior is taken up by storage, but according to Pocket Sense, homeowners can expect to see an 81-percent return on investment since garages perpetually top lists of improvements most likely to increase a home’s value.

Mistakes homeowners make when adding or replacing existing garages

  1. Compromising on quality materials or labor. All costs considered, a steel garage is likely to outlast any wood structure and because even the worst steel will hold up better than some woods, you don’t want to face years of maintenance for yourself or pass the burden down to whomever buys the house when you sell.
  1. Ignoring aesthetics. In your quest to save cash by adding a 30- x 40-foot garage, it can be easy to compromise the home’s exterior look. For this reason, wood garages often have an edge because they deliver on more design options. That stated, today’s steel garages are getting more versatile and beautiful every day.
  1. Doing the job without proper skills or training. Not only do zoning laws exist in most communities but community regulations can require professional licensing by whomever does the build. Neighborhood associations are extremely picky about adding exterior features because changes can impact the value of homes on the entire block. If you live in a rural area that doesn’t require you to adhere to these types of standards, you’re in luck!


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