I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (2024)

QVC has recently become one of my absolute favorite spots to hunt for new home decor. Not only do so many incredible designers partner with this brand, but, if you’re a decor lover, you’re seriously missing out if you aren’t aware of QVC’s amazing sales and discounts. In fact, QVC has loads of deals going on each week, so it’s the perfect time to update your home with some new summer decor ideas now that the weather’s getting warmer.

However, the best thing about QVC is unfortunately also one of the most tricky, especially when you’re just browsing. The sheer number of items available is astounding. However, that’s where I come in.

Luckily for you, as H&G’s style and shopping editor, I’ve been figuring out how to scope out the best deals at stores like these for years now, and if I must say, I have it all pretty much down to a science at this point. It would be unfair to hide these tips and tricks from you, so I’m sharing them all. Soon, you’ll be shopping like a style editor yourself.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (1)

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1. Know which trends you’re looking for

This is key: In fact, a lot of products at QVC use specific keywords in order to make them more searchable, whether that’s the style of product or the materials used. So, you need to be just as specific when looking for them.

Think of specific colors, eras, prints, or materials you want to look for. By having a starting point of a few different interior design styles you want to shop, you’ll be able to plan more strategically while looking for your dream product on this massive website.

2. Check out the sales page

Even when you hit the homepage and don't see a sale advertised, there's usually one lurking on QVC. You just need to do some hunting. There are usually daily deals to be had on every category, just take a peek in the right-hand corner and you will see a value and offers drop-down. There you can look through, that day's best deals plus the much larger general sales section.

All you have to do is click on your preferred category, and then use the sidebars to divide by type, style, price point, and even color to narrow things down even more. I think it's always worth looking in this section before you hit the buy button, just in case you find something you love equally at a bargain price.

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3. Look for a new drop every week

On that same note, if you’re looking for something new and fun to keep you on top of all those interior design trends, you should take a peek at QVC’s new drop every week. You can sort by category, brand, product type, color, and even style elements to see what’s trending, which will help inform your decision and allow you to purchase smarter. In fact, having everything new on display altogether will help you organize your own design scheme in just one click.

4. There’s a whole list of QVC official celebs we love

Tons of your favorite celebs have QVC lines, and you can find an entire list of them here: Think pretty bedding from the Property Brothers, luxe decor from Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even kitchen essentials from Rachael Ray.

All of these brands have their own official storefronts on QVC for trustworthy shopping, so instead of looking through the entire website, you can just trust the experts. Brand storefronts are also a good way to ensure the items you’re buying are from the brand itself, and not a poorly-made version of a trendy piece.

5. Purchase ASAP

This might go without saying, but whenever you find a QVC product you love, I highly recommend purchasing it immediately. Many items at QVC have limited stock or a short-term sale, so there’s a high likelihood that if you wait, the product will be sold out, or found at a higher price in just a matter of hours. In my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry when you find that item you just can’t stop thinking about.

The QVC products I’m loving right now

I hope these tips helped you feel more comfortable about navigating QVC with ease, but to further assist you with your shopping, I also want to let you know what’s in my basket right this second. I scoured through thousands and thousands of products and scooped out just the ones I love. From the best rugs to my favorite accent pieces, here’s what I’m loving at QVC this week.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (2)

Berkshire Blanket Chunky Rope Knit Throw

$99.99 at QVC

This woven knit throw feels just like wearing a sweater, especially on chilly transitional nights. The chunky material really makes a statement on a sofa, too.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (3)

Fold-Up Metal Accent Table With Mirror Tray by Valerie

$169 at QVC

Both beautiful and functional, this accent table comes complete with a luxe mirror base for interest, and can be easily folded up and kept away when not in use.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (4)

Nearly Natural Artificial Olive Tree With Natural Trunk

$45 at QVC

Olive trees are in, and it’s no surprise why. They offer a refined elegance to every space, and this one is no exception. The dangling leaves and sweet black pot give it an edge. And yes, it's faux, so no maintenance.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (5)

River of Goods Quentin Bamboo Shade Table Lamp

$92.99 at QVC

The stylish bamboo shade on this gold-toned table lamp allows light to easily peep through, lending a soft glow to your space.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (6)

Mohawk Home Helios Blue Area Rug

$145 at QVC

Traditional Turkish styles and a blue and white color palette adorn this gorgeous area rug, which has been slightly distressed for a more traditional feel.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (7)

Floral Street Wonderland Bloom Candle & 0.34-Ounce Fragrance Set

$54 at QVC

This fruity and floral fragrance is just bursting with summer scents: It’s also a bit smokey, as peonies, pink berries, and violets mix with a shot of cedarwood and vetiver for a delicate combination that’ll appeal to almost everyone.

Shopping at QVC can be so incredibly rewarding, but I also admit it can be very chaotic if you don't know what you're doing. However, through my tips and suggestions, I’ve tried to make the process as streamlined as possible. Know what you’re looking for and have a plan.

I shop for a living – this is how I shop QVC to find the best, most stylish offers (2024)
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