Oleg Zhokh (2024)

1. Oleg Zhokh - Golds Arm

  • Oleg Zhokh ; weight, 82 kg | 181 lbs ; height, 6' 0” | 183 cm ; occupation, --- ; biceps, 16.5” | 42 cm ; forearm, 16.9” | 43 cm.

  • Oleg Zhokh, Ukraine,

2. Oleg Zhokh: The Ukrainian Mutant Arm Wrestler - LowKick MMA

  • Oleg Zhokh Growing Up · Oleg Zhokh Begins Training...

  • We don’t usually talk about arm wrestlers here on the website, but the story of Oleg Zhokh is an incredible one. The arm wrestler with the Popeye like, left


4. Oleg Zhokh - Facebook

  • Oleg Zhokh is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Oleg Zhokh and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. The Best Genetics for Armwrestling ?! Oleg Zhokh - Rumble

  • 8 apr 2024 · Oleg Zhokh is an Ukrainian Professional Armwrestler. Many people inside the arm wrestling community know about Oleg Zhokh not only because ...

  • Oleg Zhokh is an Ukrainian Professional Armwrestler. Many people inside the arm wrestling community know about Oleg Zhokh not only because of being a top athlete but also for his disproportionate left

6. Oleg Zhokh regained consciousness and is already communicating with ...

  • 23 nov 2018 · Share with others: Print: According to the testimony of the family, Oleg is already talking and can answer questions. Doctors say that, judging ...

  • Professional Armwrestling Site - Professional Armwrestling Site - forum, armsport, competitions, training equipment, rules, trainings and technique, world rankings and hall of fame

7. Condition of Oleg Zhokh is stable, UPDATED, VIDEO - XSportNews.com

  • UPDATE (15 Nov. 2018): Info from Andrii Burets: ” temporally acting chief doctor of Rivne city hospital said that Oleh is in the neuro ICU right now. He has ...

  • UPDATE (26 March 2019) ► VIDEO: The first training of Oleg Zhokh after the hospital 2019 First interview of Oleg after the accident! Первое интервью Олега Жоха после аварии! First photos of Oleg Zhokh from hospital! First conversation with Oleg Zhokh after accident! Первый разговор с Олегом Жохом после аварии! Source: ARMBETS TV You can still… Read More »Condition of Oleg Zhokh is stable, UPDATED, VIDEO: First interview of Oleg after the accident!

8. Oleg Zhokh - Armwrestling - The GripBoard

  • 30 apr 2014 · "Oleg was born with 6 fingers but had one cut off at a young age to fit in.. Result of the chernobyl fall out. Mutated left arm is much stonger ...

  • I watch alot of aw-videos on youtube and I think I've seen most of the clips of the elite wrestlers. Oleg has one huge arm and one thin arm, why is that? Why does he only wrestle with his left arm? Anyone who knows? I tried to google but I found nothing.

Oleg Zhokh (2024)
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