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  • Lore · WARFRAME: Ghouls · In-game · Fortuna

  • Little Duck is a Solaris United operative introduced during the events of the WARFRAME: Ghouls graphic novel series, and a former protege of The Business. She also has an undefined relation with The Quills. In-game, she can be located in the backroom of Fortuna, Venus, selling wares for Vox Solaris, and also serves as mission control for Disruption missions across the system. In the printed series she narrated her casual encounter with Mitsuki, incapacitated and the last survivor of an Ostron co

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  • Little Duck is a Rail Agent that has a close relationship with the Tenno. She once helped a Tenno find and destroy an ancient Orokin device known as an Arogya ...

  • For the quest, see Vox Solaris (Quest). For the character, see Vox. Vox Solaris is a covert operation known only to the leaders of the Solaris United, with a known association to The Quills. They co-ordinate and orchestrate the anti-Corpus resistance of the broader SU, and specifically they organize Tenno Heists to take down the gargantuan Profit-Taker Orb and Exploiter Orbs roaming the Orb Vallis. To fully access this Syndicate, the player must complete the Vox Solaris quest, The War Within, an

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  • 1 apr 2020 · Little Duck is a Solaris Rail agent with a mysterious past, with many connections to the more enigmatic and secretive factions in the System ...

  • Little Duck is a Solaris Rail agent with a mysterious past, with many connections to the more enigmatic and secretive factions in the System. Lately, she has returned to Fortuna to serve as a representative of the Vox Solaris Syndicate.

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  • 8 apr 2021 · The perfect Warframe Little Duck Solaris Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor.

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  • 17 okt 2022 · ... Little Duck but only during Operator mode. Vox Solaris Syndicate Ranks. Similar to other factions, groups, and syndicates, the Vox Solaris ...

  • The Vox Solaris (Syndicate) is one of the many factions in Warframe where players can earn Standing for unique rewards and items. By definition, Vox Solaris is a secret operation, known only to the…

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  • Small and usually defenseless, the colonists must rely on the Syndicates or the Tenno for protection should the Grineer or the Corpus decide the colonies have ...

  • Main Character Index | Tenno (Warframes A-M, Warframes N-Z) | Grineer | Corpus | Infested | Orokin | Void | Sentients | Syndicates | Colonies | Others Colonies of the Origin SystemEven though the Grineer and Corpus rule the majority of the Origin …

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  • Community Little Duck Graffiti Glyph. April 1 - April 8. Community Mother Graffiti Glyph. April 8 - April 15. Community Cavalero Graffiti Glyph. Learn more ...

  • Celebrate the untold possibilities of a new and exciting era for Warframe after 11 unforgettable years.

Warframe Little Duck (2024)
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